Evike Airsoft GI ICS HPA G+G Lancer Tactical
Operation Freelander poster
Operation Freelander, Free Style Music Park, November 3-5, 2017

SOCOM fought gallantly against Warsaw Pact in Feb. 2016 with mixed results, however, Warsaw Pact has since crumbled into two factions, Red Scorpion Army, the traditional Russian unit, and the rag tag, no-holds-barred Black Widow Militia.

RSA and BWM have since put aside their political difference and combined their resources with one common goal...that is to completely crush SOCOM and it's MARSOC comrades.

Join us over the Nov. 3-5, 2017 weekend for a fun weekend of combat at the former Free Style Music Park! The weekend will kick off with a Friday Night Op. with full day Saturday plus a Saturday Night Op, and endex at noon on Sunday. Special discount offered for Parent/Child combo. Join us at Freelander-III.

Registration is closed.