AI Bang 22 Grenades at Phoenix Rising

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AI Bang 22 Grenades at Phoenix Rising

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** Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade **
The OLCMSS staff works hard to make sure that your experience is enjoyable and memorable. That being said, through some tough negotiations we were able to get the property management to authorize the use of the AI Bang 22 grenades. Originally the property management was strictly against ANY live ordinance (style) shells due to property rules and regulations, but we were able to successfully submit a break down of the actions of the airsoft grenade.
Special thanks to Military Supplies and Equipment (PR1 Sponsor) for running tests and submitting the VALUABLE information we needed to get these grenades approved by the property management.
That being said, there are a few restrictions that MUST BE FOLLOWED in order for us to use them on this property.
1. ALL SPENT CARTRIDGES MUST BE PROPERLY DISPOSED OF. What this means is.. DO NOT throw your spent cartridges on the ground, put them in your pocket and throw them in the trash.
2. POWER & LOUDNESS SETTING MUST BE "BROWN". This is the 'low' setting for loudness labeled by AI as "Brown for CQB clearing"
3. CONTINUANCE OF GAME - Rule 3.6.7 of the WARNORD. You will NOT be allowed to 'instantly' retrieve your AI Bang 22 grenade. You must wait until the area is clear and/or the fire fight has moved on. If you are able to get to your grenade in live play (your team clears the room) then you may retrieve your grenade. ANY PLAYER that is found to be 'disrupting' the continuance of game while looking for their grenade will result in a deduction of points for his/her team.
ANY VIOLATION of the above restrictions will result in your Bang 22 being confiscated and held until the end of operations for the day. ANY REFUSAL to allow confiscation of your Bang 22, will result in ejection from the game with NO REFUND.
- Tyler O'Harrow
Chief of Staff
OP Lion Claws
Red Storm West 1/2 Whittier
Rock-O-Hoola 1
Liberty Rising
Phoenix Rising

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