Dos and Don't at Operation Castle

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Dos and Don't at Operation Castle

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Dos and Don't at Nevada State Prison:

While General LC rules applied ( click on RULES), here are NEVADA STATE PRISON SPECIFIC REGULATIONS (overwrites any LC rules).

This AO is the property of the State of Nevada Dept. of Correction. The following regulations must be observed by all who enters this property:

1. No minors
2. No alcohol
3. No cigarettes
4. No pornography
5. No overnight staying

Airsoft Weapons Restrictions:
1. SEMI ONLY both in and outdoors
2. No high caps, box mags or winding mags
3. No LMG
4. No SAW
5. No Smoke
6. No TAGGinn rounds
7. Airsoft Riot Shield allowed based one ONE per every SIX PERSONS
8. EG67, Thunderbees allowed.
9. No closing cell doors
10. No cutting any fence
11. No climbing on top of any building
12. Remain 20 feet from fence line next to active prison
13. No Photographs, Video, Talking or Passing Contraband of ANY kind across fence line to active prison
14. Exterior Catwalks are Off-Limits
15. All Towers Off-Limits unless permitted via FRAGO
16. No using Toilets/Urinals in cells. Use designated toilet facilities
17. No opening boarded windows
18. No shooting at windows or mirrors

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