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Schedule of events

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SC Village

El Loco, a regionally grown cartel, has dominated the drug trade in the jungles of Corona. Drug Lord “Chico” has both the regional militia and state police under his payroll. While the American DEA sees him as a thorn on their side in their fight against the drug war, local villagers enjoyed prosperity in their modest way.

Knowing DEA along wasn’t unable to take down El Loco, the agency turned to CIA for assistance who sent their own drug lord to create a guerilla army in the region to combat “Chico”’s private army. Well-armed and well-supplied, Los Papas mastered the art of jungle warfare under the supervision of those who learned it first hand from jungle experts in Southeast Asia decades ago. Los Papas will fight fire with fire.

Let the war of NO MERCY begins

6:30am Chrono Opens

8:00am Opening briefing

8:45am Deployment

EVO I - Infiltration 9:00am~10:30am (90 min)

Poppy season is here and both El Loco and Los Papas must plant crops while attempt to capture their enemy’s crops. Each matured poppy field must be held for a minimum of 30 minutes.
Captured crops must be in either faction’s possession for a minimum of 30 minutes.

EVO II - Trade War 10:45am~12:15pm (90 min)

Each faction must deliver their crops to the “lab” (maned by staff). Once it’s delivered, staff will pop smoke to indicate point for the winning faction. The crops earned from EVO-I will play a CRITICAL ROLE in EVO II…as each faction must deliver those same crops to the lab…or stop the opponent from reaching the lab.

LUNCH BREAK 12:30pm~1:30pm

EVO III – Turf War 1:45pm~3pm (75 min)

Now that products are ready for distribution, each faction must conquer the town and secure its market share. To score, the winning faction must hold the town for a minimum of 30 minutes.

EVO IV – No Mercy 3:15pm~4:15pm (60 min)

Leaders of both faction snow have a price on their heads. (Halloween prop head provided). This evo is all about killing! Kill as many opposing team leaders as possible and turn in their limbs and/or head to staff for points! Kill as many opposing team troops and take away their gold coin and turn them in to staff for points.

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