2021 WarnOrd ... Dos and Donts ....

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2021 WarnOrd ... Dos and Donts ....

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Cartel Wars WARNORD

1) Registration and check-in:
a. Your name must be on the registration / security roster in order to enter the AO. No observers. Photo ID is required for check-in, no exceptions.
b. You must complete a medic card upon registration. Information included on the card is Name, Team or Faction, any Medical Conditions or Allergies and Emergency Contact Information. The Medic card must remain on you at all time while on the AO. Do not lose it as this will also be your raffle ticket on Sunday.

2) Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
a. Goggles or glasses with full seal are required and must be ANSI Z87.1 rated or better. Wire mesh, shooting or sunglasses are not allowed. If you are caught without full seal goggles / glasses, you will be given a warning and the opportunity to put full seals on. If caught a 2nd time you will be ejected from the game.
b. Face protection or lower is required and hearing / ear protection are strongly recommended but not required. Players who do not wear additional protection play at their own risk.
c. No sandals or open toed shoes for safety reasons.
d. A portable water storage device such as a camelback, canteen or water bottle of some sort is mandatory. Players are responsible for their own hydration!

3) Uniforms and equipment
a. Uniform top, bottom and head covering must match your faction’s color.
b. No RED head coverings or clothing of any sort are allowed that could allow an active player to be mistaken as dead or as a staff member.

c. It is acceptable to remove parts of your uniform only if the clothing underneath is the same color as your faction’s. Do not remove a uniform piece if the clothing underneath matches the other sides colors so as not to cause confusion.
d. Gear (Plater carriers, battle belts, chest rigs, etc.) do not have to match your faction’s color.

4) Basic Rules (Airsoft is a game of honor. Please play accordingly.)
a. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct are: Not calling your hits, yelling repeatedly and loudly at others to call their hits, cursing and yelling at other players or staff, playing with an over the limit gun, and / or any other behavior deemed unbecoming and detrimental to the event by LC’s Staff.
b. Please respect game chain of command and follow mission assignments and direction provided by Squad and Faction leaders.
c. Players who attempt to steal, cause bodily harm to others, or otherwise break the law will be referred to local law enforcement officers and barred from future events.
d. No real firearms or fixed blade knifes are allowed.
e. Biodegradable BB's only. No glass or silica BBs.

5) Engagement and hit rules:

a. Make sure you have a red dead rag.
b. If you are hit, pull your dead rag, fall down, lay down or take a knee. Standing while wounded is not permitted. Do not act as a human shield for your team.
c. Please call your hits. However, do not call opposing players out. If there is an issue with hit calling notify a referee or a staff member. Players caught cheating may be ejected from the game without refund and barred from future Lion Claws Events.
d. Bleed out time is (5) minutes. During this time do not talk or use your radio. You may only call out for a medic. Once the 5 minutes is up you may then return to your spawn to regen back into the game.
e. A hit to any part of the body or gear by a BB constitutes a “kill”. Ballistic plates do not negate BB strikes. Gun hits do not count. A solid ricochet (a hit off a hard surface that then contacts the player) counts. However, you may not use ricochet targeting as a tactic to hit other players.
f. Do not intentionally shoot at anyone with a dead rag.
g. No blind firing. You must be looking down sights or through optics to engage a target.
h. There is no “BANG BANG” rule in effect. However, be mindful of close targets. Do not shoot a player if he is attempting to surrender. Do not overshoot players at close distance.
i. Head shots are STRONGLY discouraged. Aim for center mass.

6) Communications:
a) To ensure orderly comm traffic at events radio channels are predesignated and will be provided by your leadership at mission briefing.
b) Channels outside your designated range are NOT permitted for use except by explicit permission from OP Staff. Using undesignated channels is considered electronic warfare.
c) At no time during Game is electronic warfare permitted. Electronic warfare is defined as (but not limited to) listening in or using alternate frequencies (channel surfing), interfering with transmissions intentionally or unintentionally through mechanical or electronic means (overpowering or VOX-ing the channel), or otherwise impeding OPOPS player or staff communications.
d) Players should secure FCC license for operating high wattage transmitters (> ½ Watt) in the AO.
e) Be aware that some channels may be in use by non-players in the surrounding areas and there can be bleed over.

7) Chrono, weapon and class rules:
a. Players should report to the chrono station with an empty mag for each weapon. Eye Protection must be worn at Chrono Station. LC Staff will provide event sponsored .30-gram biodegradable BBs for chrono. All weapons must chrono in at 1.55 joules, unless otherwise specified by event specific rules.
b. Sniper rifles will chrono at 1.55 joules, approved and tagged by LC Staff prior to being allowed for in-game use.
c. Velocity reducers are NOT allowed
d. All weapons are subject to spot checks at anytime during gameplay.
e. The Light Machine Gun (LMG) may have a maximum rate of fire (ROF) of 30 rounds per second (RPS). The LMG may be used outdoors, outdoors firing indoors or indoors firing outdoors with the barrel breaking the plane of a door or window. An LMG may not be shot indoors to indoors. At chrono, LC Staff will inspect the LMG and determine if it is suitable for play use.
a) Riflemen are limited to non-winding magazines that carry 200 BBs or less. Midcap and low-cap magazines are the standard. Riflemen may carry as many approved magazines as they can fit on their person. Riflemen may only fire in semiautomatic mode.
b) Heavy weapons specialist. The Specialist is the only team member that may carry/use M203s, AT launchers, or other special launching weapons. Specialists may carry an unlimited number of propellant/beehive grenades. They are limited to 4 nerf rockets per respawn. Officers and Platoon leadership are not eligible to be HWS class. All homemade launchers must be inspected, approved and tagged by LC Staff prior to being allowed for in-game use.

8) Grenades
a. Gas powered grenades are approved for use.
b. All PEA type grenades and firework type flashbangs are not allowed.
c. Blank fire Flashbangs with Primer loads. The 9mm and 12g loads are not allowed at LC events.
d. All players classes may carry / use grenades.
e. Hand grenades must be tossed underhand and should not be thrown more than head height (six feet) off the ground. No baseball throws. Grenades may not be thrown off the roof of buildings. All grenades have a 10-foot kill radius. Grenades that eject BB’s have a 10’ radius plus any BB strikes outside that radius. You many not kick or step on a grenade to avoid its effect.
f. Loading any type of powder or liquid into your grenades is prohibited.
g. Only hard cover will protect you from grenade hits. Walls, doors and metal objects constitute hard cover. Cardboard boxes, cloth or your teammates will not provide protection from grenades.
h. Smoke grenades are not allowed.
i. Absolutely NO personal pyrotechnics, flares, open flames, or similar devices are allowed.

9) Mines and Booby Traps
a. Claymore mines may only be used if they are spring/electric/mechanically powered. No CO2 powered devices are allowed. A remote detonator must be used. Tripwires are not permitted. Only LC’s staff may lay traps with trip wires.
b. Do not detonate mines on targets closer than 10 feet.
c. Below-ground mines may not be used.
c) All other booby traps must be inspected, approved and tagged by LC Staff prior to being allowed for in-game use.

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