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2020 LCTC-Mojave

Posted: Sun May 03, 2020 2:58 pm
by Lionclaws
2020 Lion Claws Tactical Challenge at Mojave Airport Boneyard

Sat. June 13, 2020

Original concept of LCTC was to open to player teams, however, most players were unable to grasp the concept of a highly technical challenge that’s limited in numbers (not force on force).

Every industry, every once awhile, needs a shot in the arm with something fresh if not daring, projects.

We’re deeply appreciative of you, key leaders in the Airsoft industry, for taking the lead this in ground breaking exercise.

Each team should consist of no less than six and no more than ten contestants.

Mojave Boneyard is a highly restrictive area with electrified security fence. Visitor vehicles (us) may enter at a set time, i.e, we’ll set a 30-min window for all to enter and depart.

Due to the sensitive nature of this location, i.e, training with elite special operations units from US and allied countries, certain aircrafts may not be filmed. The location is also very restrictive on numbers of personnel on site.

Sat. June 13, 2020

0600 staff on deck to prep (06:00~06:30)

0800 individual sign-up lc alumni arrive and check in for test run (gate hours 08:00~8:30)

1200 sponsor teams arrive (gate hours 11:30~12:00)

1300 challenge station rotation begins

1800 departure

Actual schedule may vary and we’ll continue to keep you updated.

Some of the challenge stations may include:

Cartel HVT search and capture among a number of planes.

Cargo plane take down

Passenger jet rescue

Chief of Staff is Mr. CJ Hyatt. Mr. Hyatt has consistently proven to be the best trainer due to his military training background; his timing and station rotation design will keep teams moving.

Key OpFore are OLCMSS staff members primarily from Chrono Crew, Prop Crew, and general admin members.

We strongly encourage your team to bring sandwiches and water due to the cumbersome security gate procedure. (Fast food restaurants are widely available in the area).

Suggestion overnight towns are Mojave and Lancaster.