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Chrono Procedure

In an effort to smooth the process we will be instituting the following process changes. Our hope is to minimize each players time standing waiting in line.

1. Players must report to chrono with a fully functioning weapon (Battery in place ready to fire) and an empty mag for each weapon being Chrono’d. Each Weapon will be checked for functionality before being passed to Chrono Check-in. Players may only Chrono 3 weapons per trip.
a. GBBR procedures
i. Arrive at chrono with your gun and magazines completely unloaded; bring a can of green gas or propane (with adapter).
ii. Show that your magazine is not gassed by depressing the release valve.
iii. Gas the magazine.

2. Weapons which fail the function test will be sent away to be repaired before returning. The function test consists of loading the mag and firing down range to ensure the weapon is in working order. Extreme HOP-UP will also be checked.

3. Once passed for functionality the player will move to Chrono Check in where their name will be checked against the player roster and passed on to the Chronograph stations. Weapons will be loaded with Chrono bbs and fired down range. G&G .25 weight bbs will be used. All weapons MUST pass the appropriate FPS limit.
a. General FPS limit is <366 GO…there is NO caution range for this event.
b. Sniper FPS limit is <510 GO…there is NO caution range for this event

4. Weapons which Fail chrono will be passed to the Chrono Marshall for review and retest. Should the weapon still not read in the GO range the player has 2 options.
a. Player MUST remove the weapon from the AO
b. Player MAY attempt to repair the weapon bringing it into the GO range and return the weapon to the CHRONO MARSHALL for retest.

5. Special reminder to HPA users you are required to have a Tournament lock for your HPA system.

6. Systema PTW Users No RED Cylinders do not even bring them to the event.


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