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2023 Horn of Africa is a wrap!

Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2023 10:58 am
by Lionclaws
Congratulations to Chief of Staff Kevin Sprout and his crew for bringing Blue Cloud to live at Horn of Africa! While it was hot, guys fought on till they dropped (literally of heat exhaustion). Pics by Mr. Lu are up at ... 289&type=3

Thank you, G&G, Highpower Airsoft and our guntechs from RPS Airsoft for your generous support!
There will be more from professional photographer Johnson Yang.

A big THANK YOU to players who played with integrity and helped SECURED OUR RETURNING TO BLUE CLOUD with an EXPANDED AO later this WINTER! We'll get to have the VIKING VILLAGE in addition to RAID FOB, and MAIN TOWN. Best of all, y'all get to overnight on site next time! Good job guys!