Vehicles/transports/technicals at LC XX

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Vehicles/transports/technicals at LC XX

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We have different vehicles at LC XX...they expand your experience , and come at great costs for the owners-sponsors to provide. All vehicles will have : fire extinguishers and water if needed

Deuce and a halves- These are for TRANSPORT of troops only and are NOT to be fired upon . Alpha has 4 and UN have 1...Bravo - " march or die " brothers. These vehicles will not drop if the LZ is under fire...they will go to an alternate location.

Admin vehicles - There will be 3 admin vehicles on the field: a black humvee - dont shoot me Project N1!!!! , a green pickup truck and a side by side raptor . These will all be flying red flags , do NOT shoot at us please. These vehicles will also have extra water and can be flagged down if there is an issue.

APC - Yes , there will be a military APC on the roads ( Thank you Evike !! )...same rules as the deuce and a halves apply . Team allocation for this vehicle has NOT been decided yet

All other technicals - They can ONLY be destroyed with the Paladin MK2 projectile or a nerf grenade . Any hit on the vehicle counts as a kill . After it is hit the vehicle MUST raise a red flag and stop moving immediately . Any fixed gun on the vehicle must stop firing and all players inside are dead ( any passengers MUST leave the vehicle and abide by standard hit rules - 5` from vehicle ). The driver and fixed weapon gunner may stay in the vehicle . The driver , and driver only , has 5 minutes to leave the vehicle and touch all 4 corners . If the driver can accomplish this ,in one motion , WITHOUT being hit , then the vehicle can "respawn " there on the spot ( lower the red flag ) . The second time the vehicle is hit , it must return to respawn ( main respawn not mobile ).

Any questions regarding these rules post here or email

Jason "POPS" Porter

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