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Jason POPS Porter
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LC XX Pyro

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As of now we WILL be allowing pyro/ smokes at the upcoming LC XX event . There are a few rules we must ALL follow to prevent fires at this AO...

Smokes - Enola Gaye ONLY
Pyro - EG67 / Thunder B / Bang 22 ( on lowest setting ) / Taginn ( BB ) hand grenades allowed
Launchers - Nerf rockets and Taginn PALADIN MK2 ( powder ) are the ONLY approved projectile rounds . They are to be used for vehicle kills NOT shoot at ground forces

Smokes are to be thrown on BARE CONCRETE ONLY/ aware of your surroundings

Pyro are to be thrown INSIDE of building only . Use the rule of thumb that if you can touch the building ( or are inside of it ) you can throw the pyro. Do NOT be a hero , no your arm is NOT that strong . You CANNOT throw building to building or from a building to the outside for ANY reason.

If you violate the rules you will be asked to not pass have ruined the BOOM experience for everyone

If a fire DOES break out , yell CEASE FIRE...pass that along...all vehicles will have smoke extinguishers in them

Jason "POPS" Porter

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Re: LC XX Pyro

Post by Crono0001 »

Now that the Warnord is out, which did not include Bang 22s, I was wondering if we could get clarification on the legality of using Airsoft Innovation Bang 22 grenades.

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