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Weapons Class

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Weapon Class

The Submachine Gun is a new class of weapon, designed to allow more flexibility for players. The Submachine Gun has the advantage of being able to fire full automatic without a minimum engagment distance. However, all Submachine Gun class weapons are limited to a maximum of 1 Joule (268 FPS with .30 BB). Any intended Submachine Gun that chronos over the 1 Joule limit will automatically be considered a Rifleman weapon, and subject to the limitations for that class.

In addition to the energy limitations, all Submachine Guns must meet the following criteria:
-Must be based on a real world weapon that uses pistol caliber or PDW ammunition (No shorty M4s or AKs)
-Players must only use NON WINDING magazines.

Any player may carry a Submachine Gun. It is considered a weapon class, not a player class, and may be carried by any player.

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