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Any player wishing to bring a combat vehicle to Operation Lion Claws 18 must receive Chief of Staff approval. In order to bring your combat vehicle to LC18, email the Chief of Staff at In your email,, include pictures of your vehicle as you intend to bring it to the event, as well as a description of any weapons mounted, and which unit you are signed up for. Requests for vehicle approval must be sent no later than 1700 (5pm) on Monday, 20 MAY 2019. This includes all vehicles who have already received prior authorization from John Lu.

General Vehicle Rules
The following rules apply to all vehicles, regardless of type:
-All vehicles approved for use at LC18 are considered UNIT ASSETS. Their use and employment will be at the discretion of each unit's commanding officer.
-Vehicles MUST remain on paved surfaces or clearly defined dirt roads at all times. Vehicles are NOT allowed to drive between buildings.
-All vehicles MUST obey a 15mph speed limit. Failure to do so will get your vehicle removed from the game.
-All vehicles MUST have a fully functional fire extinguisher on board.
-All vehicles MUST fly a flag in the color of their unit (tan or green)
-All vehicles MUST have an easily identifiable means for players to distinguish when it is out of play (red flag, flashing light, ect)
-Players may NOT ride on the roof, hood, cab, or trunk of a vehicle.
-Only weapons HARD MOUNTED to the vehicle are allowed to shoot from the vehicle. Players may not shoot personal weapons from a vehicle. Bungee cords do NOT count as a hard mount.

Regular civilian automobiles will NOT be allowed as a combat vehicle unless they have been modified in some way (gun mounts, turret, ect). Remember, vehicle submissions are due no later than 1700, 20 MAY 2019. Any vehicle showing up for use in game without prior approval will be denied.

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