Lion Claw Victorville Information?

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Lion Claw Victorville Information?

Post by ZeroFoxtrot »

We're travelling from BC Canada to the Lion Claw game in Victorville however we're looking for information on:
    Camping on site and when that is available? We're arriving on the Thursday mid avo or early evening and could setup that night...or hotel?
    Squad/Platoon info? We're 6-8 team mates and have all played for 6+ years or longer? How to get in touch with SL or PL?

    Camping info would be huge to get early if anybody can help?

    Adrian "Sid" Simpson
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    Re: Lion Claw Victorville Information?

    Post by Lionclaws »

    Hi Adrian,
    We're not allow to be on site until Friday. There's plenty of room to camp, but there's no water nor electrical hook up. We'll provide port-a-potties. Hope this helps. Please feel free to direct additional questions to via e mail

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