Taggia grenades and other products.

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Taggia grenades and other products.

Post by Gunther »

So some of you are gonna be super excited...We are allowing taggin grenades. Only stipulation is they can NOT be hard tipped for the rocket launchers and they can NOT contain marker paint for the grenades. The grenades with BB's are fine. We don't want any marker paint on players...period. This isn't paintball.
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Re: Taggia grenades and other products.

Post by IsMoose »

If grenades were properly modified soft noses then they can be used? (After in person LC Staff inspection of course)

I was thinking of using some of my modified grenades for the op. Specifically
Which uses http://www.evike.com/products/34002/
With the top half cut off and a hemisphere of this replacing it.

The entire strikeface of the rounds has been replaced with the stress ball material. Is that okay?

Edit: http://www.evike.com/products/38763/ * I meant a hemisphere of these.

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