Rocket Launchers for LC 2017

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Rocket Launchers for LC 2017

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For those who have asked...there was some concern over the use of HPA and other similar hose lined rocket launcher due to safety. After further review, we are allowing the launchers that were used last year at the event to still be used for this years event. There will be further instructions when the WARNORD is released so make sure you read your players pack when they get emailed out closer to the event. We want to make sure it is safe for the participants as well as those who drive vehicles. We also want to be sensitive to those that have put time, money, and energy into putting their kits together to allow for maximum game play and experience. So we are keeping things the same this year as last year. Thanks for your questions and for your valuable input. We are looking forward to the best Lion Claws event ever with some new people, new props, and new scenarios. See you all next month.
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