Protective head gear (Helmets) for Spetznaz

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Protective head gear (Helmets) for Spetznaz

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Not to stir up a hornets nest but this is a valid question. Are there any restrictions on helmets for Spetsnaz? Most of us do not have Russian issue/replica helmets and run Fast Helmets and the like. Will those be acceptable?
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Re: Protective head gear (Helmets) for Spetznaz

Post by AL429 »

In years past helmets are allowed as long as they match the color or camo pattern for each of the factions or side. Under the core rules the helmet counts as headdress or cover, so if you're talking about FAST helmets then it needs to be in green or in a green woodland like camo pattern for the Russian side. You can use helmet covers if painting your helmets isn't possible.

Other than that there's really no other restrictions on helmets so at this point I won't be surprised to see US PASGT, MITCH, ACH helmets with green color covers for the Russian side. Probably the closest to genuine Russian helmets we might see for LC 14 this year will be the old style Russian/Soviet Era SSh40, SSh60, and SSh68 Steel Helmets since I know a couple of surplus places with in the US have those in stock, since like you've mentioned not a lot of people attending will have the current style Russian composite combat helmets made of ballistic resistant fibers or a well made replica of one.

Note that I am NOT ON GAME STAFF this year so I have no authority over this since John Lu, the on site game staff, and the Chief of Staff this year will have the final say in these kind of matters.
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Re: Protective head gear (Helmets) for Spetznaz

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There are certainly more Russian helmets around. I'll be bringing my LSZH-2DTM (mostly just so I can mount NODs, I don't expect to use it during the day unless I hit my head and change my mind...). I know the current standard-issue helmets (6b7-1m, 6b27, etc) are also not that expensive or hard to find so I wouldn't be surprised to see some.

But to answer the core question: no, there has never been any requirement for authenticity in "Russian" helmets. Not to mention the argument that you could make for how many "Spetsnaz" guys actually do wear Western helmets to begin with.

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Re: Protective head gear (Helmets) for Spetznaz

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What AL249 wrote is correct. Bottom line is helmet color must match side you are on. Green if you are on Bravo and Tan if you are on Alpha. The covers for Fast helmets are easily found at our Sponsers (Evike, GI, Airsplat…etc) and on Amazon. Most covers are around $20. Please be aware that they are not always in stock and that sometimes it can take a couple weeks to arrive, so plan accordingly.
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Re: Protective head gear (Helmets) for Spetznaz

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