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Operation Red Storm, June 13-15, 2014

Rojo did the unthinkable at Red Storm 2013 by igniting the dirty bomb. Rojo escaped alone...or did he?

Rumors surfaced that Rojo had returned to Chernobyl.

In spite of radioactive elements, UN High Command is dispatching SOCOM to verify Rojo's where abouts and terminate him and his renegades once for all.

The United Nations is offering a hefty bounty for Rojo, his men and whatever surprise weapons cache they may still control.

Can SOCOM find Rojo in the depth of this post apocalyptic city?

56 structures, various floors, basements, tunnels, office spaces, industrial spaces; this is an EXTREME CQB environment not for the faint hearted.

We have ONE SHOT at this amazing and historical AO...don't miss it!

General Registration opens February 24th, 2014!