Post Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:47 pm

Why the 366fps limit?

I was wondering, why the 366fps limit, not only does it seem a bit of an odd number (equivalent to an energy value?), but a large number of airsoft guns on the market today are between that and 400, more often close to 400.

I would certainly like to not have to purchase a lower strength spring to reduce the fps so i can use my rifle, but I will if I must in order to attend.

it just seems the difference between 366 and 380 is a bit silly to have to go spend more money on another spring just to lose 20 fps =/

If you reread the Core ruleset you will notice we measure using a .25 gram weight bb. 366 FPS using that specific weight equates to a .20 gram FPS of between 400-410. The .25 gram weight give a more consistent result. I think you will find MOST airsoft guns fall into the limits we use. This is something we have discussed with ALL our Corporate sponsors...which ALSO happen to produce a good 80% of the Airsoft market. I can assure you there was nothing "SILLY" used to come to our decisions