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Clarity on game schedule (Days, time, etc)




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Clarity on game schedule (Days, time, etc)


I've read all the posts in the "Announcements" section of the Red Storm East forum. I've also read the homepage and checked all the associated links. As this is my first time attending this event, prior to registering I'm trying to determine the exact schedule of events. I see clearly the event is listed as 27-29, however, what are the hours?

Does the event begin on Friday, or is that reserved for check-in and briefings? What time are we expected to arrive on Friday? Same questions go for Sat / Sunday.

I'm assuming this is a question many would have, so perhaps I've missed the URL/location where this is outlined. So excuse my error but I have searched the site before posting on the forum to find the answer.

Any help/clarity is appreciated - thanks!

sneaky SCAR


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Post Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:03 am

Re: Clarity on game schedule (Days, time, etc)


Friday is reserved for an AO walk-through, chrono, check-in, getting to know your squad/team, and the opening ceremonies/opening briefings. Usually, I try and get there around 1pm. There won't be any actual combat until Saturday morning, usually around 10am. Then a 3 or so hour scenario will take place, followed by a lunch break. After the hourish lunch break, there will be another 2-3 hour scenario, then an in-field break for half an hour or so, and then another 2 or so hour scenario. Saturday evening around...I want to say 8 or 9, there will be a night op. This is subject to change though; I have attended events in the past where the night op was cancelled due to weather. Sunday morning around 9, there will be a 4 hour scenario, and then the closing ceremonies! Then we all head back to our jobs, and start counting down till the next OP!

I am not event staff however, so everything I have just told you COULD be completely wrong for this OP, this is just how I have experienced it in the past. Greg has the final word on these things!

Hope this helps, and looking forward to seeing you there!

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Re: Clarity on game schedule (Days, time, etc)

I have some obligations that if missed would put me in some hot water with the wife. Is there a start / stop time for Friday? I need to know if I can "abbreviate" my chrono / walk-through / introductions / etc so that I know if I can still meet my obligations. Otherwise, is it possible to chrono & check-in very early Sat?

Only reason I ask is that I'm within about an hour drive of the AO and it would be possible (under certain conditions) to be there for check-in and still meet my other obligations.
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Re: Clarity on game schedule (Days, time, etc)

yes you can get in and out quick on friday. We open check and chrono at Noon and try to make it very quick for people to get through it. Even if you cant make it friday we do have check in and chrono open early sat morning.

Normally friday is a day where people check in, chrono, shop, have team meetings, walk AO, eat to much, stay up to late and are hurting in the morning.

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Re: Clarity on game schedule (Days, time, etc)

@sneaky SCAR - Thanks for the info. So sounds like I should be taking off Friday from work - but possibly it's not *required*. Event sounds fun, will have to get a hotel as well. Thanks again, see you at the event (I've got to register this weekend)

@GregBrothers - Cool, good to know. Thanks.



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Re: Clarity on game schedule (Days, time, etc)

Please note that there will be WORKSHOP by Sgt. Igor Dobroff on Russian Small Unit Tactics and etc. (obviously for Russians side only please). Exact time TBD (should be around 1600 hours or so).

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