Post Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:53 pm

Thank you everyone.

Many thanks to everyone for another great weekend.

Special thanks to John Lu for spearheading the LC concept. Thanks to Igor, Mad Max and Top for driving everyone hard and being great leadership.

Shout out to Gabe, Toadvine and all the other player/staff folks that volunteer every time we do this. Most appreicated.

The Marines, Gunny Grant and all his crew. Some of those men were fun to run around with in the AO during the different evolutions.

Finally, thanks to all the participants that ran alongside or against us, depending who they were. Saw many familar faces and made some new friends in the process.

Long ride home, time to go soak in a hot bath and relax these aching muscles.

Looking forward to the next event we all get to meet up again in.

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