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Check in & Chrono Procedures




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Check in & Chrono Procedures

This post is designed to help players get through the check in and chrono stations fast and efficiently as possible. Please read the following procedures and post up if you have any questions.


  1. Park your vehicle in the main parking area
  2. Walk through the entry port
  3. Have your Identification OUT AND READY
  4. Have your required liability release forms ready (if applicable)
  5. You will be checked in, in accordance to the OPRS master roster
  6. You will receive an event wrist band, this will be required to be worn through out the event.
  7. You will be given a raffle ticket
  8. Friday arrivals will be directed back to your vehicle
  9. Saturday arrivals will be directed to enter the AO and where the Chrono station is


  1. Bring your weapon with charged battery and an EMPTY MAGAZINE to the chrono station
  2. Bring your Identification (yes again) to the chrono station
  3. Wait in line if there is one
  4. Game Control personnel will ask you for your weapon and magazine
  5. Game Control will load your EMPTY magazine with .25g BB's
  6. Game Control will fire your weapon through the Game Control Chronographs
  7. Your weapon will be fired as many times as needed to display a CONSISTENT FPS number +/- 5fps
  8. If your weapon passes, you will receive an OPRS chrono tag
  9. Your weapon will be dry fired (cleared) and returned to you
  10. Your name will be marked against the Master Chrono list
    ** players that plan to chrono weapons for another player must inform GC of who that player is **
  11. You will receive a Players Card
  12. You will be directed towards the field/staging area to meet with your team
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Re: Check in & Chrono Procedures

Will sidearms also be subject to chrono?
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Re: Check in & Chrono Procedures

t.henson wrote:Will sidearms also be subject to chrono?

No, sidearms will not be chrono'ed. However, sidearms are particularly important in this game as they are mandatory for indoor combat. For this reason, "hot sidearm" reports will be taken seriously.
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Re: Check in & Chrono Procedures

WOW THIS IS A NICE Check in & Chrono Procedures deepstaged HMMM. :)

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