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Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules




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Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

Army Birthday Combat Experience

Event Schedule:

0630 Staff arrive, Chief of Staff, Staff Team (Hatchet Force), SFC William Allen

0730 Gate opens, chrono begins

0830 Formation and deployment

0845~1200 Morning combat evolution @Mission details to be given by your CO
US: Helmut Fritz
Renegade: Sgt. Igor Dobroff, XO Ed Morlan

1200 Lunch break @BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH

1300~1600 Afternoon combat evolution

1615 Closing and clear out

Honor Code

1) Airsoft is a game of honor. Please call your own hits.

2) Mind your own hits. Do not call opposing players out.

3) Show respect for other players in both your words and actions.

4) Follow both the letter and intent of all scenario based rules and restrictions.

5) Follow the prescribed Med-Evac procedures. “Wounded” soldiers do not chit-chat!

6) Do not intentionally move into or engage other players within the 15 foot buffer zone. No “bunkering”.

7) Use the “Bang, Bang!” rule if you have another player “dead to rights” at close range.

8) Use the “Parlay” rule if you and another player come into contact at an unsafe distance.

9) No blind fire. You must be able to see with your own eyes what you are shooting at.

10) No hosing. Give opponents a chance to call themselves out between bursts.

11) Subordinate players should observe and respect ranks such as Squad Leaders and assigned Officers.

12) Ranking players should not abuse the trust and privilege of their position.

13) Weapons should be made “safe” and magazines removed when in a staging area or other “safe zone”.

14) If you find a lost item, it should be turned in to Game Control as soon as possible.

Safety Code

1) Proper eye protection must be worn at all times while on the field.

2) “Blind Man” should be called to stop the game for a loss of eye protection or medical emergency.

3) All weapons brought into the AO must be within the chrono limits set by Game Control.

4) Velocity reducers are not allowed.

5) Discharging weapons in a “safe zone” is strictly forbidden.

6) Theft, assault, or any other violation of the law will result in your arrest by local law enforcement.

7) No smoking outside of designated “safe areas”. No smoke or pyrotechnics allowed.

8) Do not litter the AO. Pack up and dispose of your trash in an appropriate manner.

9) To protect the AO, players are required to use TAN/BORWN COLOR “Eco Friendly” or “Bio” type BB’s.

10) Bring plenty of WATER…hydrate….hydrate…..hydrate……!!

11) Please bring your own lunch!!

Proper Eye Protection:
All players are required to wear ANSI-Z87 (or equivalent) rated goggles or paintball masks which enclose the entire eye area and conform to the features of the face with a rubber or foam seal and a strap to keep them firmly in place. Steel mesh (not wire) goggles that do not deform under test firing are also allowed.

Maximum Chrono Limits:
It is the player's responsibility to make sure his/her gun is properly inspected and tagged before the game. For the player’s convenience, a test chrono will be available at the field.

All weapons may shoot no higher than 366 FPS with a .25g BB. Velocity reducers are not allowed.

Please note, this is the MAXIMUM LIMIT, NOT THE GOAL. To ensure you pass chrono you should tune your weapon to at least 15 FPS below this limit. Even a single FPS over will result in you failing chrono.

A weapon which fails chrono must be immediately removed from the AO. Alternately, as a service to players, Game Control Staff will lock up the weapon for the remainder of the event and return it when the player leaves.

Magazine Restrictions:
To strive for a higher degree of realism, all weapons must use only non-winding Low-Cap, Standard, or Mid-Cap magazines capable of containing no more than 200 rounds. Winding “Hi-Cap” magazines are not allowed.

Support Weapons:
Support weapons (SAW/LMG) is NOT IN PLAY due to the limit AO size.

Sniper Rifles:
While semi-auto rifles are certainly allowed at this event, there are no separate “Sniper” velocity limits.
All weapons must fall within standard AEG chrono limits in order to be allowed on the field.

Hand Grenades:
Each player may carry a maximum of TWO grenades and each may be used only once. Once you use a grenade, you may not reuse it unless one of the following occurs:
a) You return to your FOB to reload the grenades.
b) You go through the Med-Evac process and return as a reinforcement.
Approved grenades include any rubber/plastic “streamer” variety that does not weigh more than a 8 ounces.
The blast radius of a grenade is 15 feet from its final point of rest.

There are no restrictions on who may carry radios, however only designated leaders or RTO’s may transmit. Frequencies will be assigned by Game Control Staff prior to the start of the event. Players found on unauthorized frequencies will be charged with an Honor Violation and removed from the game. Electronic warfare of any sort is forbidden. Your CoC may limit the use of radios under their command.

Land Mines & Booby Traps:
When you trigger a land mine or booby trap, you and those within 15 feet of you are dead. The player that tripped the device calls the others out no matter which side they are on. This is an exception to the “don’t call other players out” rule.


Regen Procedures:
When you are hit, immediately shout “Hit!” as loudly as possible and raise your hand above your head. If you wish to “act out” your death you are encouraged to do so, but please do not go overboard with it to the point of being ridiculous. Once you have acknowledged your hit, promptly take out your Wound Rag and attach it securely either to your head or to the end of your weapon like a flag. You are now Wounded.

A Wounded player will get down on the ground and LIE DOWN in place until the following occurs:

You have waited at least five minutes AND the fighting in your immediate area has ceased.
Once you have met the above condition, you are considered Eliminated. Continue to display your Wound Rag and proceed to your designated FOB. Once at the FOB you may immediately remove your Wound Rag and reenter the game as a reinforcement.

1) You are touched by an enemy player and Captured.
If this occurs, you must surrender any game related props or intel to the person who “Captured” you. Once that is done, you are now considered Eliminated and proceed as outlined above.

2) You are touched by a friendly player and Rescued.
If this occurs, the friendly player may escort the wounded player to the designated by assisted walking him. Once at the FOB, the Wounded player may reenter the game as a reinforcement. This method prevents the Wounded player from needing to wait the full 5 minutes in place.

Do not continue to shoot after you have been hit, while you are lying in place, or while you are making your way to the Med-Evac point. Do not intentionally block or provide cover for teammates after being hit. When making your way to the FOB, do not move in a manner that would give the impression that you are still alive, or you may accidentally be shot again. DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES! Dead men may not communicate in any way with live players either in person or on the radio.

Glossary & Rules Explanation

AO- Area of Operations. The AO consists of two sections. One is the Parking Lot and or staging area. The other is the actual field where the game will take place. Different rules may apply to each section.

“Bang Bang!”- If you have an opposing player “dead to rights” in a close range situation where shooting them could result in unnecessary harm call out “Bang, Bang!” to indicate a verbal kill. The opposing player is now “dead” and should immediately pull out their red rag and follow the appropriate regen procedure.
“Bang, Bang!” is a safety call ONLY. It is NOT a way of killing someone tactically and should never be used in a situation where it could be disputed by a fellow player.

Blind Fire- Shooting without the ability to see what you are shooting at. The most common form of this is sticking your gun over or around cover and firing without looking at where you are shooting. Blind fire is strictly prohibited.

“Blind Man”- If a player loses his eye protection for some reason, he should immediately call "Blind Man." Upon hearing the call, other players should immediately repeat the call and wave their red rags to signal a halt in game play. The game is paused until the affected player calls out "All Clear", at which point other players should return their red rags to their pockets and repeat the "All Clear" call. “Blind Man” may also be used to halt the game in the event of a medical emergency. Game Control Staff should then be contacted at once to assist the injured player. Use of the “Blind Man” call in any situation other than an emergency is an Honor Violation and will result in your immediate removal from the game.

Buffer Zone- For safety, all players are considered to be surrounded by a “no fire” zone of 5 yards (15 feet). Under no circumstance should you ever shoot another player inside this 15 foot zone, instead using the “Bang, Bang!” rule. Any player intentionally charging headlong into another player’s safety zone will be immediately removed from the game.

Bunkering- A paintball term which means to charge up on a player who is hiding behind cover and engage them at close range. For safety reasons, this tactic is forbidden in airsoft and will result in you being ejected from the game.

Chrono- Short for chronograph, this device measures the velocity at which a projectile travels.

Hit- If a BB hits ANY PART of your body or the clothing or gear that you are wearing it is counted as a hit. Hits to the tip of the weapon in your hand do not count, however, hits to the body of the weapon do. Ricochets off cover (ie: a wall) do not count as a hit. Ricochets through cover (ie: branches) do count as a hit. Friendly fire counts! A hit by a teammate is still a hit.
When two players fire simultaneously and both get hit, both are out regardless of who said "hit" first.

Hosing- Unnecessarily long sustained bursts of more than 15 rounds at a time. Even for support weapons this is not allowed. Short controlled bursts should be used to allow opponents to call themselves out.

Mil-Sim- Stands for Military Simulation. The essence of a Mil-Sim event is one where the experience is more important than the outcome. Objectives typically mimic those of real world military operations, uniform impressions are usually fairly strict, and “role playing” is highly encouraged.

“Parlay”- If two players encounter each other at a distance of 15 feet or less in the forward arc, they should call "parlay" and back off to a safe distance. This is MANDATORY. As with the “Bang, Bang!” rule, “Parlay” should be used to ensure the safety of you and your opponent, not as offensive or defensive tactical maneuver.

Red Rag (Wound Rag)- A piece of bright red or orange fabric used to indicate that the player is “wounded” and is no longer a valid target. The Wound Rag should be waved in the air briefly, then placed over your face as you lie down.

Safe Area- Anyplace outside of the active play area including Parking Lots, assembly areas, or any place where Game Control Staff indicates it is safe for players to remove their goggles.

Parking Lot Rules & Information

Trash- Everyone should bring their own trash bags and dispose of their waste properly. A dumpster will be on site for your convenience. Campers should not leave behind bulky trash items such as foam coolers or broken camp chairs. These items should be taken with you and disposed of at home. Those identified
as leaving their camp site without properly disposing of their trash will be banned from returning to future BoUSA events.

Toilets- Porta-Potties will be set up by Check-In hangar area for your convenience.

Smoking- Is only allowed in the Parking Lot. Smoking anywhere on the field is strictly prohibited.

Illegal Drugs- Are strictly prohibited. Anyone found in possession or under the influence of an illegal substance will be ejected from the event and turned over to local law enforcement.

Security- All participants are responsible for the security of all valuables within their campsite. When not in use, your guns and other expensive gear should be locked in your vehicle or otherwise secured. Local law enforcement will be on hand but will not be patrolling the campsite. Anyone caught stealing from their fellow players will be turned over to local law enforcement for arrest and prosecution, in addition to being banned from all future BoUSA events.

Banners- Signs, banners, or any other sort of advertising is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of John Lu and BoUSA Marketing. Team signs that do not contain vendor/sponsor names or logos are allowed.



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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

Thunder B grenades allowed?



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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

Thunder B Grenades:

This is TAK from TSOG, and I am part of the game staff for this Op. No official word yet on Thunder B grenades, but I am going to try and get them authorized for this game. If they are allowed, in order to avoid any confusion, any Thunder B type grenade, even the flashbang replicas, would be used as fragmentation grenades, as we did at Red Storm. Keep watching this thread for more info, and thanks for bringing it up.

Remain Tactical!

Remain Tactical!
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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

k quick question do we still need to use the tan bb's?

and in the uniform rules is the marine DESPAT the same as MARPAT aka the new marine digital desert camo?



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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

Would Tornado Grenades be allowed?



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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

Do darker colored bio's like G&G and Airsoft Extreme count as brown?
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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

Is there going to be any structure with clear-cut missions or is this going to be a pick-up game?

Two weeks out and still no word from the head shed in leadership positions.
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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

SideWinder wrote:Is there going to be any structure with clear-cut missions or is this going to be a pick-up game?

Two weeks out and still no word from the head shed in leadership positions.

??? We don't do pickup games, as an alumni, you ought to know. WarnOrd will circulate next weekend.



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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

LC V Task Force Alpha, Marines, Co1stSgt
LC VI Task Force McKnight, Marines , CoXO
LC VIII Company B, 4th Plt, Rifleman
LC X Company B, 3rd Plt, PltSgt
LC XI Company B, S-3 OpsO
LC XII Company B, S-3 OpsO
LC XIII Company B, S-3 OpsO



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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

All I can say is, it's going to be a fun op! Stay tuned like John said.
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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

Any updates on the Thunder B use? Or will it be explained in the WarnOrd?!
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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

Just a quick clarification: No knife/ contact kills since there is no mention of it's useage. Correct?

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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

quick question are m203's allowed? please reply thank you
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Re: Army Birthday 2010 Event Schedule & Rules

I've seen them in the past LC events, but I'm not sure for this one. Good question. They would be helpful for clearing rooms. I'm bringing mine for just such an occasion. If the staff doesn't respond to your post, we can ask on game day. I assume standard rules apply to the M203- no blind firing, 15 feet rule, etc.
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