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Official AAR

Troop strength:

Echo 131 (mainly WNY region and Canada) vs Fox 129 (mainly LC alumni from OH, TN, IL an TX).

Scenario I Land Grab

Four "C-130"s fired up and dropped their troops in their respective LZ while their "Little Birds" deployed. Fierce battles took place near all buildings while cleaver ambushes were setup by both sides to interdict enemy troops coming through the woods. The dense woods and ravine made the woods battle extremely interesting.

FOX 8 buildings 32 POW cards

ECHO 8 buildings 27 POW cards

Scenario II Holding Grounds

"Little Birds" saw heavy action in Scenario II as each CO deployed their "shock troops" via "helicopters" from battle to battle.

Approaching thunder and lighting around 1600 had game-control staff worried, but as luck would have it, wind blew the system North towards Canada.

FOX 3 ammo crates 11 resource cards

ECHO 3 ammo crates 22 resource cards

Scenario III Black Hawk Down

After a short break in place, both Echo and Fox were itching for a speed fight to their respective "crash site". Each CO had a sniper team (two-man) in the "bird" alongside two MPC and a Pilot.

To FOX CO's shocking surprise, ECHO launched a Civil War style full on assault (platoon strength or larger) toward smoke, flare, white smoke, bbs, blanketed the "hardball" regen, great bttle!!!

Echo' diversion bought them time for their "shock troopsâ€Â