Post Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:58 am

General update Jan. 10, 2018

Prelim Roster NOT including retail store signups (so please do not panic if you signup via but don't see your names here yet) and reserve team slots. We need to order patches, please process ASAP if you're still coming. What's different this round? PS. if you haven't done so, please remember to e mail your Driver's License number to for Camp Pendelton security vetting (DOD/Military ID holder exempt).

No longer need to be vouched for by an alumni since Pendelton is conduction security vetting. (but must be 18+)
Staging at a very LARGE flat area to the LEFT of Kilo 2 entrance (before climbing the hill), much easier access.
Access road for POV to drive to M25 from Kilo 2 approved.
EnolaGaye pyro, i.e., smoke, EG67 grenades, and CO2 Flashbangs are also approved as long as no highten Fire Danger warning from the State that week.
Grilling on site approval BASED ON your grill's make and model (please e mail to for Range Control approval).
RV submit length and maker to ASAP for Range Control approval
To ease some of your SAFETY CONCERNS, Night Ops will be combat town focused to avoid injuries in the terrain zone.
There will be no lunch break on Saturday.
Missions will be both OBJECTIVE based and TIME sensitive.

Chief of Staff is CJ Hyatt, please feel free to direct op questions to

Coalition OIC is Felix Hernandez
Coalition 1Sgt. is Marthe (Marty) Gatchalian
Insurgency OIC is Ryan Redlin (HoppedupHooligans)
Northern Alliance elder is Aaron Radl (Utah)