2021 Cartel Wars at SC Village 3/27/2021

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2021 Cartel Wars at SC Village 3/27/2021

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Drug lord El Loco had the market cornered. Now his reign is being challenged by the up and coming new cartel known as Los Papas. Equipped and trained by the CIA, Los Papas will attempt a hostile take over. May the most violent cartel win.

Site restrictions:

SEMI-ONLY (it’s YOUR SKILL that counts, not spray and pray) at this event.
HPA allowed, LC FPS regulations applied.
LMG, MG or SAW see forum for details.
Sniper: must be Sniper/Spotter pair and apply via OIC.
No Flammables or Smoke.
Grenades: Thunder Bs and all non-flammable grenades allowed. No sparking/flaming grenades allowed due to Fire Danger.
Full-face-protection highly recommend
Lower jaw protection required.
Fully sealed goggles a MUST, no exceptions!
EAR PROTECTION Strongly recommended.
COVID mask on while in parking lot
No flammables

Application fee covers:

Full day of gameplay with 60 minute lunch
Exclusive Usage of: North and South Vietnam, China beach, and all south to Germany.
Event commemorative swag (only if registered before Feb 28, 2021!)

All applications are subject to review and screening. We reserve the right to REJECT any application from anyone deemed unfit to be a part of this event.
No private camcorders allowed (other than helmet cams) while at the AO. Simply no private taping allowed.
Only participants are allowed at the AO, enforced by game staff.

Uniform Requirements:

El Loco
Cholo attire or Mexican NARCOS attire

Los Papas
BDU (US Woodland)

No Exceptions, please do not ask.

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