Valley Cartel Roster as of Dec. 6, 2018

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Valley Cartel Roster as of Dec. 6, 2018

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If you registered/paid but don't see your name here, please contact ASAP. Sponsored units are not yet listed.

Your OICs (Officer In Charge) are:
Mr. Joe Minney and Mr. Jesse Gracia of Gorilla Airsoft Radio. Chief of Staff is Mr. Kevin Sprout should you have questions, contact Mr. Sprout via e mail to:

Acosta Bryan
Agraviador Ian Francis
Altamirano John
Avery Kevin
Balding Henry
Banks Tim
Berger Scott
Cavallo George
Chavez Brayton
Connolly Mike
Crume Mac
Dailey William
eberli amanda
eddings Hunter
Esmilla Don Lawrence
Evans Chris
Fernando Jonah
Garcia Armando
Gaviola Donald
Gracia Jesse
Griego Ryan
Harris Quintin
Houchin Benjamin
Hultstrand Benjamin
Ifurung Glenn
infanti erika
Jarrell Michael
Kennedy James
Kinard Collin
Kinard Evan
Klutts-Crabtree Michael
Laurin Matthew
Lopez Pablo
Madarang Claro
Manzano Eugene
Mark Jason
Martin Dominador
Matthews Craig
mccutcheon dennis
McNeely Sean
mendez david
Miller Tim
Minney Joey
Nguyen John
Ocfemia Emmanuel
pagdanganan reyniel
Pagdanganan RHETT
Paxton Jerry
Peralta Marc Vincent
Punsalan Alan
Quinby Zachery
Ricablanca Michael
Rubio Joey
Ruiz Tony
Ryan Tyler
simms richard
smalley charles
Solis Hector J
White Noah
Yoon Jonathan
Yoon Benjamin

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