Post Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:02 pm

July 17, 2017 Update

The Fall Offensive...a Fall fundraiser to benefit the United States Marine Corps Birthday Ball Fund (TX).

The great state of Texas is plagued with illegal arms trade and drugs; the people of Texas have decided to confront this issue once and for all by dispatching Army of the Texas Republic to quell CARTEL activities in the region.
The CARTELS have thus far enjoyed its "market expansion" unopposed, now with support from Red Scorpion Army Russians, The CARTELS are working to establish foothold in this distribution town.

Each faction's player OIC (Officer In Charge) may issue MISSIONS to challenge the opposing force in addition to Game Control assigned missions. This new format puts PLAYER INVOLVEMENT in the mission-creation process; your thoughts, your plans, YOUR GAME!

Register and paid by Aug. 15 and get the three-day experience (Starting with Friday Night op) for only $80. Parent/Child package $150 (that's only $75 a piece!). Flat rate $120 per person after Aug. 15th.

Army of the Texas Republic: Multicam and Desert Marpat

CARTEL: Rag tag civilian mismatched clothing or Russian camo or US woodland camo.

No longer the same old same old. Reg link: