2018 Aug. 30, roster update

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2018 Aug. 30, roster update

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Roster updated. Chief of Staff Mr. John Bond (sponsored teams and staff role players are not shown here).

Abell Adam
Adriano Renz joseph
Ammann Connor
Ammann Matthew
Berry Austin
Brandt Anthony
Brandt Alexander
Bray Hunter
Bray Joseph
Brehm Kyle
canada neil
Conry` Daniel
Crossfield Connor
cruz crizalde
Figueroa Miguel
Foit Austin
Foit Jason
Friedman Marc
Gary William
Golden Justin
Goodwin Todd
Guiff Jesse
Henderson Robert
Hernandez Elmer
Hill Alan
Hwang James
Ibe Paul
Jacinto Norman
Kelly Michael
Kelsey Angie
kelsey gerald
LaFrance Stanley
Lane Richard
lemire jeff
Lucas Justin
Lucas Paul
martinez juan
McGrath Thomas
Medina Elmer
Neubauer Michael
Nichols James
Nolan Patrick
nunez Christian
Pearce David
Ramjanam Kyle
Reich Charles
Robinson Ernest
Roop Kyle
Sanchez Edison
Saunders Ron
SevillA Page
Sevilla Cjei
Shapiro Samuel
Shmelev Nikita
sider sean
Sniffen Carter
Sniffen Mike
snyder Joe
Snyder Michael
Spoonire Alyssia
Suficiencia Kent hashier
Todd Stephen
Torres Seth
Tully Christopher
turskey jacob
VanLaer Brett
Vogelsong Nathah
Welsh Lisa
Welsh Jason
Wylie James
Zionkowski Jay

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