Post Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:07 pm

Leave No Parent Behind!

Enjoy half a day of training then put your training to use in the afternoon! Each squad will be led by a seasoned LC alumni staff to ensure that you and your team get accustomed to the necessary communication skill to work the "big ops" in a BIG AO such as NARCOS, War of Angels or even LC 2018! Graduates will have a $20 discount that can be applied to two one-day games(NARCOS or War of Angeles) or one, three-day game(LC).

Admission $60
Parent/Child package $90

Registration required:

Uniform code strictly enforced.

Red Scorpion
Uniform (green based): Russian camo, BDU (US woodland), CADPAT or DPM

Uniform (tan based): Multicam or DESPAT