Post Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:45 pm



Thank you for coming out to Camp Jubilee on Oct. 21st to join the good fight between DEA and CARTEL. DEA fought well in the afternoon and in addition to having secured their weapons cache, they recovered the large weapons container and the downed pilot! However, DEA troops relaxed, got bored, and did not leave rear guard to secure their FOB. With less with two minutes on the clock, CARTEL men returned with captured DEA weapons cache for the win. Had DEA pull sufficient rear guard and deny CARTEL the last minute victory this would have been the biggest upset in Airsoft with the smaller DEA (45 pax) beating CARLTEL (75 pax)....but, congratulations to CARTEL for not quitting.

Pictures: ... 4625388828

Next up....back to the jungle of Sanna Movie Ranch....Dec. 9, 2017.