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Camp Wolverine for 2017?




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Post Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:36 pm

Camp Wolverine for 2017?


Just wondering if Camp Wolverine event schedule for 2017 has been posted somewhere?

Is the age limit 14? What about if your child is turning 14 close to the event date? Just asking as the events are spread out and not necessarily easily accessible - so if the event happens to be in manageable distance, but my daughter won't be 14 for another few months - could we still attend?

Cheers :)



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Re: Camp Wolverine for 2017?

I was wondering the same thing but me and my cousin are 14 and 15 and we will NOT BE attending with a parent or guardian. And there is no real info on when or where these happen and they can’t wait last minute because if you pay and don’t graduate you cannot do either event. I’m am very confused

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