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Operation SHAHRAZAD شهرزاد

With the American war on terror pushing varies groups into hiding, the most well trained and hardcore of these soldiers came under the charismatic leadership of a man only known as Sayfullah.
Sayfullah formed hidden base camps all over the world where they trained in tactics and warfare.
To meet the enemy they must be as well trained and twice as ruthless. These men now train groups like Al-Qaeda, Jaish-e-Mohammed , and others taking the training to levels never seen before.
. In the Spring of 2013 DEVGRU located and took out a small cell camp and military intelligence
has gotten the information on a one of Sayfullah's major training camps Shahrazad.
Shahrazad due to its location, air strikes have been ruled out and the ISA has decided to send a joint task force to capture these complexes. Sayfullah's forces are as well trained as any force the US has ever faced, and they have the home field advantage...Each side will be well prepared....You will decide the outcome.

MSG Mad Max Mullen has been appoint to lead this task force

SFC Mike “Bubba” Moore will take on the role of Sayfullah

Uniform US side Multicam Marpat Despat AOR1 AOR2 ICU Must be full uniform
Shahrazad Side Terrorist attire NOT PMC Not US Spec ops

The US Side has a limit of 150 players
The Shahrazad Side has limit of 100 players

This will not be be a simple force on force game, tactics and missions goals will be important to victory in this Operation.
Greg Brothers
Director of East Coast Operations
COS NL 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
COS RSE 1,2,3
COS Sharhazad 1, 2
COS Lions pride
COS Liberty
COS Swift Justice
AOS LS 3, 4 , Irene 12
and prob some other ops i forget them all



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Re: شهرزاد

For the US side which uniform camo will work best in the environment of the ao?
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Re: شهرزاد

Spamming won't save you
For Russia

OP: NL 1,2,4
OP: LS 1-4
OP: bulldog 7
OP: Shahrazad
OP: RSE 1,2,4
OP: RSW 2014
OP: Swift Justice



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Re: شهرزاد Vouching

Hi everyone,
My name is Collin Andersen. I am 13 years old and a very enthusiastic MilSim/airsoft player. I have been told that I may attend Operation Shahrazad in local NY if I can get someone to vouch for me. I am very mature for my age and have been good friends with people older than me. I currently have my papers being processed to become a US Naval Sea Cadet and hope that one day, I will be able to serve the country. I have been acquainted with real steel firearms and all safety procedures(but that would not apply for Milsim of course). I would like to see what it is like to play real MilSim with some veterans or future warriors and hopefully be able to attend more ops. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can vouch for me to attend.

Thanks guys,
Collin Andersen



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Re: شهرزاد

What's Bubba's member name on the forum?



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Re: شهرزاد


This is a better edited video... With a more appropriate ending!
Whoever posted the first one on the LC Facebook page can re post this one.

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