Post Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:16 pm



Thank you for supporting Operation Bull Dog. $4000 was donated to the USMC Ball Fund due to YOUR efforts. Also a big shout out to our partners Airsoft GI,, Lancertactical, G&G Armament, ICS Airsoft, and Highpower Airsoft for their support!! Special thanks to GITactical, Airsoft Megastore, Xtreme Airsoft, Third Coast Airsoft, Shadowviper Airsoft Gun Repairs and 878Airsoft for their vending and logistic support.

Additionally, thank you to both OICS US Army LtCol Sal Zuniga (recipient of LCMOH) and Mr. Richard Mi (recipient of LCMOH) for your leadership!

Also a big thank you to our staff under the leadership of Mr. Jimmy "Pope" Campbell for another job well done!