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Freedom Fighter Uniform Question




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Freedom Fighter Uniform Question

I want to preface my question by saying that yes I have read the uniform rquirements for Freedom Fighters. My question is this: PMC means solid colors, but does mismatched military uniform mean any mixture of tan and green, as long as none is multicam, or is it just mismatched green patterns( OD bottoms with a woodland top for example)? Sorry for asking, but I want to make sure before I give out info to guys on my team that are coming.

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Re: Freedom Fighter Uniform Question

new idea for the future of lion claw games. provide a photo of what they mean about the uniform requirements. :lol:
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Re: Freedom Fighter Uniform Question

I was wondering the same thing. Does it mean we can wear anything other than multicam?



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Re: Freedom Fighter Uniform Question

any thing as long as it not a matched set


Tiger stripe pants and OD shirt OK
tiger stripe pants and tiger stripe shirt NO

ATAC FG shirt and Plaid battle kilt OK
ATAC FG shirt annd ATAC FG Pants NO
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Re: Freedom Fighter Uniform Question

I'm sorry if these are considered "dumb questions." But is there any operation in the country(USA) that would allow for the use of Black TRUs(BDUs) and Coyote Brown gear? Or if that is "out of regulation," then how about a Black Top and Navy Blue Pants. My team has a set of regulations dictating what we wear, and its Black TRUs with Coyote Brown gear. Please, no smart guy comments. The only dumb question is the one never asked.

Thanks, in advance.


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Re: Freedom Fighter Uniform Question


This has already been answered in the Irene forum. I understand that your team has decided on strict guidelines for the use of uniforms to reflect your unit. The reality of these ops and many others is that you will need to wear different uniforms to conform to team play. They are not individual team based Ops, but military simulations that will more often that not require you to conform to a uniform utilized by current or prior military units. As there are no large scale military units that use Black BDUs then I would not be overly optimistic about finding ops which allow them as a standard uniform. Sure there will be some that will allow for Freedom Fighter or PMC type units but by and large most use DCU or Tan vs BDU or Woodland camo.

An idea to pose to your team would be to keep the Black BDU uniforms for home and local play but create unit patches to use on DCU or Woodland BDU uniforms to distinguish yourselves in larger national Ops.

Best of luck to you and take some time to look around.
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