Apr. 6~8, 2018 alternative game

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Apr. 6~8, 2018 alternative game

Post by Lionclaws » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:55 am

Since the news of the postponement we had been searching for an alternative location so folks who took time off will still have a chance to play. We're looking at large regional fields and have also contacted our old friend at the Scranton Lace Factory (which was scheduled for demolition in May, 2017).

We realized that the situation isn't ideal, but we did not want to hold on to your funds till developer and township came to term.

In the event that Scranton Lace Factory was not demolished (pending call back from owner) we intend to offer it to both Group One and Two members a game at $90 for a full weekend event op as a gesture of good will. More details per Mr. Greg Brothers, event Chief of Staff, to come.


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