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shooting inside of buildings




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Post Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:32 pm

shooting inside of buildings

Are we restricted to handguns, or semi only, no full auto inside of buildings?/Also are we allowed access to our vehicles during play for supplies ,weapon goes down,etc.

1. Due to the small size of the buildings Currently there is NO restriction. It is suggested that while inside players switch to SEMI fire or transition to a handgun to lessen the possibility of over shooting players while in close combat.

2. Access to the camping/parking area will be Controlled during game play. Each force is assigned a FOB where supplies may be stored and accessed.
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Re: shooting inside of buildings

Will Nuclear Island have any weapon restrictions?

Currently under review
Scenario may require Semi only within the area due to unstable nature of "REACTOR" and fear of a "STRAY" round hitting it causing a coolant failure.

Force command will receive instructions as to ROE within the area Via FRAGO on morning of 15 OCT
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