Post Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:35 am

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


Just want to take a minute to THANK YOU for supporting OLCMSS East Coast season opener, Lighting Strike. With each op we learn and try to improve. With each op, our staff encounter new challenges and have to overcome it. We're very grateful for your support and thrilled to see them smiles on so many of your faces....and THAT is what we strive for :wink:

While certain market segment dwell on "celebrities" and etc., we will always remain true to our root even if others accuse us for being "Old Fashion" and "Old School"....we are PROUD TO BE "OLD SCHOOL" and pay tribute and donate to United States Military/charities! THAT, I promise you, shall NEVER CHANGE!

But, we can't do it without YOU, the actual players/consumers; once again, YOU are the REAL ROCK STARs in the industry!

Special THANK YOU to SFC(RET) Bubba Moore and MSG(RET) Mullen for sharing their expertise with us all; both men were Ranger Instructors and they love nothing more than seeing their "trainees"/you succeed!

THANK YOU to our incredibly generous Corporate Partners, AirsoftGI, Airsplat, Amped Airsoft, eHobbyAsia,, G&G, KWA, and MIR Tactical, and regional sponsor, Black Op Airsoft-South, your support made all the research and development possible! You truly are the leaders of the Airsoft Industry!

Finally, to a group of men and women who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, Mr. Greg Brothers and his amazing staff crew...THANK YOU...YOU ARE the heart and soul of Lightning Strike!

Until Next Round,
Keep Airsoft Positive

Lionclaws Out.