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Big Bird


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Post Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:01 am


I have to say there is more to a Lion Claws than winning, it is integrity, honor, and sportsmanship. There was no need for the ammount of screaming and cussing that was present at the event, I thought the players that attended John's events were supposed to be the best of the sport? I do understand that we are all amped up, adrenaline flowing but some self controll would have been in order on at least half of the instances I observed, basically uncalled for. I could go into specific events and name names but that will not inspire someone to suddenly attain the aforementioned qualities.I also saw many SpecOps leave after the first scenario because they thought the game was being scripted for the Rangers to win, what? Later I actually was sitting next to a young man in SpecOp respawn at the mosque village that said he was leaving after the second scenario because he was not having fun, so get into the thick of it son, fight harder, make things happen and it becomes fun. The first scenario wasn't particulary good for me either but we "adapt and overcome", that is the difference between those who can make it happen from those who can only watch it happen.
Now I will hit the high points, I personally whitnessed some outstanding sportsmanship from a few Rangers (I was on SpecOps) in particular the "mowhawk man". I was in good cover and he walked up on me and accepted a "bang you're dead" kill and sat down to the side so as not to block the other targets, that is integrety and sportsmanship right there. He could have just stood or sat right in front of me and blocked my line of sight or given my position away but he didn't, I saw plenty of that elsewhere though. I was looking for a banger grenade and couldn't find it where I saw it last after it went off and had just given up looking for it. When I left for respawn there were a couple of Rangers there,I was about half way there and one of the Rangers walked up and handed it to me, thank you.
All in all it was a good weekend and we all got to play airsoft at a great facility, thank you John Lu, Col. Longgrear, MSG Mullen and everyone that made this event possible. I look forward to the next Op Lion Claws event I am able to attend.



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I had a good time and was it worth the effort to get there? Sure anytime you get to play CQB its a good day. But I am going to agree with Big Bird and say there were a lot of Spec Ops guys leaving halfway through the morning game on Sat. Yea it was muggy as hell, but I kept hearing that the game was set up for the Rangers. I wasn't in complete agreement with that, it just seamed like the Rangers had a plan and we the Spec Ops guys really didn't. But I still had a awesome time and really enjoyed the night game, right up until the majority of tan left and it turned into the Rangers with 30+ and the Spec Ops with less than 10. The facility was great, and the Col. is a class act for sure, what an awesome man and I was honored to play on his side.
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I want everyone to understand that Msg Mullen and myself have been playing together for quite some time now. We have an SOP and I start implementing that SOP the moment the warning order is released. Familiarity is everything when it comes down to an operation like the one we just participated in. Having said that, the special ops played hard and had solid leadership, in the end we had to fight for every last objective.
I cannot overstate how much enjoyment I get from being at an event like this. I honor Msg Mullen, Col Longreer, all the men and women in uniform, Operation Lion Claws, all of the players, and myself. Just remember the key to success is to give it your all, sometimes you win sometimes you lose, but if you tried your hardest than we are all winners.
John Clark
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I have now played with both CO's and can back what Beserker said . The game was in no way was set up for us we fought hard to get things done and done fast to gain the buildings . hell sunday morning I remember trying to take the top floor of building 18 ( the Bank ) it was brutal to whom ever was holding that right hand side from our respond good job 3 nice bleeders under my nose. the one advantage I think we had was we were prepared ready to go when game on was called this is why it is good to camp over night the night before and have multiple breifings on what needs to be done .

My highlight of the weekend was seeing MSG Mullens face when I handded him a couple pea grenades to toss over the mosque wall and having him stand on my back while tossing the grenades in .

I have to say MSG Mullen I have never been pushed so hard in my 12 years of playing airsoft ( Milsim ). I pushed myself to the limit playing this game and will be playing just as hard for the next one . You are a one hell of a verry good modivational speaker . ( March or Die ) Thank you MSG.

John Lu always a pleasure seeing you and for as long as i can make the event it's a tradition we need a group pic with you now. ( I know Blame Canada lol ).

Mike Haggerty my old friend thank you to you and your staff for taking our abuse . aswell for sitting in warm buildings ( we had a good banker who did what any other banker would do snore while there was an intense fire fight going on lol. )

To my fellow Rangers we fought with honour and respect . and with that we did what we were told to do and fought with our hearts .

To the spec ops players you fought hard . If you didn't leave this game with a smile then your in the wrong sport.

Thank you to all who participated in this game new faces and old one .
Now on to the next one start orginising yourselves I know I am.
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Post Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:24 pm


"If you didn't leave this game with a smile, then you're in the wrong sport"

Well said!
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Crazy K


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Post Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:13 pm


This was my second LC event and I will have to agree with Berserker. We knew exactly what the plan was and how to accomplish it before we left for the field. That didn't happen at my last LC event. Other then that I had a great time and can't wait until Irene.



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Post Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:33 am


I had a great time at this event and as usual loved playing at this facility (it's a great location for snipers). Thank you to Berserker and MSG Mullen for putting together a plan and keeping the ranger team motivated and as always thank you to my fellow Horsemen for backing me up and fighting me into positions where I can lay down some nasty fire.

I have been to many Lion Claws events and I have to say I was very impressed with the ranger team for having a plan and sticking to it. The team showed an uncommon level of coordination/cooperation. Radio comm was clear and concise and the team kept motivated and kept moving.

I did encounter several brief instances where people lost their temper but honestly I have learned that the occasional intense encounter is part of the sport. If you loose your cool blow it off and then move on, we've all done it before and I'm sure we'll all do it again.

Thanks again to John and the whole Lion Claws crew!



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As always I want to thank everyone I fought with. Leading and seeing the fighting spirit of those in my platoon is what makes these events a real pleasure for me. First platoon spec ops did the Col and themselves proud fighting hard with overwhelming odds against them. I personally believe that the spec op team as a whole really came to life when those who just didn't have heart gave up. To many players came to the op expecting their command to hand them victory, it always has to be earned. If you're not willing to listen and come together then it will never happen, those that quit let themselves be defeated and didn't put their heart in the mission. I hope that those of us in the Spec Op command will continue to fight together and develop how we lead our men to even greater victory. As stated above the rangers command is a very well oiled machine at this point and the Master Sgt. is an expert at organizing mixed units into a highly motivates core of men. This ability to bring out the best in airsofter and bring them together didn't come overnight. In time I'm sure we will be there too. Thank you John Lu, keeps them coming and see you all at Irene.

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Thank you gents for keeping a level head and being objective about your experiences. You're all so right about the importance of integrity and sportsmanship and that it is YOU, the player, who determine the outcome of the event. I'm honored to be associated with men like you! Hooah!



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I was on the Multicam team and while I had to sit out the afternoon games with some pain(got my front tooth chipped by a BB in the opening moments of the first scenario), I was back on the field Sunday morning for the scenario and was able to finish the Saturday morning scenario before I decided to sit.

Hot or not, accident or not, I came to play. Whether the game was set up(and I know it wasn't) or not, I wasn't leaving unless I had to.



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Had a great time and really enjoyed meeting some more serious milsim guys (and a few girls).

Highlight of the weekend - Meeting Radar from Opsec

Frontier Airsoft


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This was my first time being COS for John, so I will have to be honest and say as calm and cool as John portrayed me, I was freaking out almost the whole time.

A big thanks to both team leads. Without you two I would have been in way more trouble then I think I would have been able to dig myself out. I appreciated all the pointers and help you both provided. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet and work with you guys!

I would like to thank the players from both teams, for giving it their all. Green team was both aggressive and coordinated. Tan was both unbreakable and determined. I had noted many fine examples of why I love to play the game with other folks who play with honor and integrity.

The game itself was some of the most aggressive and determined play I have ever seen. Both teams worked hard at their tasks and moved quickly to cover allot of ground. The first rotation I watched both the green team and tan team take buildings and hustle. It was impressive to see both MSG and COL. organize and motivate their respective teams in Combat. By the end of Saturday I was very impressed with the overall attitude of many of the participants for the night rotation. I had honestly thought many of you guys were ready to give up and get some rest. But we had a large turn out for the night game. Well played gents!

This as many events, had some minor hic ups. I would like to thank the Col. for getting on the comms as issues as they arose. I hope myself and my staff were able to set things straight for you. I would like to thank the group of green and tan guys in the Mosque area I talked to middle of the game. In as much as people were hot, you guys displayed both integrity and honor during that firefight. It was truly a pleasure chatting while taking ungodly fire.

I know some tempers flared, but overall everyone relaxed quickly.

I will explain this once more, my NPC are staff, and should you find yourself on this site again and I find an issue with you, you will be asked to leave. I had a few reports post game of minor issues with a couple of players. My guys took the high road and let it go. I will not tolerate that kind of behavior on any field.

I would also like to extend my most sincere thanks to my guys/gals for getting the hell knocked out of them for 2 days. They went home tired dirty and in good spirits. Thank you guys for going ëasy"on my folks.

A big thanks to the folks from BB bastard who came out filmed and hand delivered my ammo. Brent, Jean, I owe you one.

Many thanks to everyone who made the trip and had a good time.



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Post Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:43 am


Thank you males for maintaining a stage go and being purpose about your encounters. You're all so right about the value of reliability and sportsmanship and that it is YOU, the gamer, who identify the result of the occurrence. I'm respected to be associated with men like you! Hooah!

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