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SITUATION REPORT: Renegades Invade Bluecloudabad

SITREP (Scenario For Army Birthday Combat Experience 2010)

July 22, 2010 0330 hours
Bluecloudabad, Rene'stan

The war torn city of Bluecloudabad in the country of Rene’stan has recently been ravaged by a series of devastating earthquakes. Natural disaster along with a decade of constant war has left the city in ruins. Many of the city’s historic sites are now merely facades of the former majestic buildings that formed the economic center of Rene’stan. The people of Bluecloudabad have likewise suffered severely, and have requested help from US aid organizations. Due to the instability of the region, all the major aid groups have refused to go to the beleaguered city. Despite the danger, The Angels Of Mercy, an international team of relief workers, have sent a team to Bluecloudabad.

However, the infamous Warlord Dobroff and his Renegade Forces has seized this opportunity, and exploited the weakened state of Bluecloudabad. Renegade Forces, led by Dobroff himself have invaded and occupied the city of Bluecloudabad. The Warlord has taken all members of the Angels Of Mercy hostage. Dobroff is demanding the release of political prisoners from US Federal Prison and ransom money in exchange for the hostages. The Warlord has threatened to execute all hostages if demands are not met by midnight August 1, 2010.

The United States Joint Simulated Special Operations Command has deployed Task Force Blue Cloud to the region, led by veteran Operation Lion Claws Commanding Officer Helmut Fritz. Task Force Blue Cloud, prepares for a daring hostage rescue operation, on the scorching, dirty, unforgiving streets of Bluecloudabad.
Remain Tactical!
Team Leader, T.S.O.G.