Post Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:42 am

About the 2016 IRENE AO

We had scouted Packard Automotive Plant four years ago and gave it thumbs down back then. This facility has since been bought and cleaned up for filming. Many of you already Googled Transformer Packard Plant and see that Paramount studios has been on site for months.

We will adapt Paramount's street closure and around the clock security to satisfy permits among other requirement.

There will also be pyro at this location.

Think of these two separate areas as two separate MOUT facilities, like those you have experienced at Zussman or Ft. Hood.

Yellow outlines each combat zone. Each zone is unique and massive with underground "air raid bunkers" and "engineering tunnels" that connects with each building.

E. Grand, while frequently traveled, serves as the divider of the two separate sites but all will have a chance to experience both sides of the location.

AO pics on our FB page: ... 7614299200