Post Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:13 am

Community Counts


Airsoft shops are dime a dozen these days, specially "online stores". However, not retailers gives a rat's "you know what" about YOU or YOUR COMMUNITY.

At OLCMSS we're very grateful to those who support our events. These Title Sponsors could easily opt to drain YOUR BLOOD instead of help REDUCE EVENT COST by contributing funds to the project directly (rather than product because you can't pay anyone with product).

Many online retailer's attitude towards us is "why charge us, just up your event cost or don't give them VIPs", but our Title Sponsors opted to step in and take care of their customers.....their community.

OPNW V was made possible by:

Airsoft Extreme
Spartan Imports
The War Store
G & G
Airsoft GI

......without their support we could not have pulled off this event.....