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Scenrios & Schedule

0730~0830 Check-in and Chrono

0830~0900 Opening and Command Briefing

0900~1200 Scenario I

0900~1200 Scenario I “Search & Destroy”
Allied units are on a Search & Destroy mission. The jungle is filled with villagers going about their daily lives while other civilians are working on the rocky mountain trails. Allied units are to search for enemy ammo dumps and destroyed them by RED TAGGING it (RED TAG provided); including destroying a large “dirty bomb”.

Keep in mind that Allied units will pay dearly for each unarmed civilian killed. (Gis, keep in mind all villagers wear black pajamas, identify your target).

Yes, these civilians may work for you or for the CONG. It is up to you to work the hearts and minds of the local population.

1200~1300 Lunch

1300~14:30 Scenario II “POW Rescue”
Allied units are face with a challenge of rescuing 4 (four) POWs from the jungle. These POWs, according to intel (which may or may not be accurate), are being held in two separate submerged bamboo cages some where in the jungle. The jungle, needless to say, to filled with civilians and boobytraps.

Allied units must extract all four prisoners, some of whom may not be able to walk, to the designated LZ. Hold the LZ until the game ends. Anything less, your have failed the mission. You want these POWs home, dead or alive! *LZ must be a large clearance area in the jungle suitable for helo/stabo extraction; your choice of clearning.

VC units are to deny Allied troops the glory at all costs (relocating prisoners???)!!!

14:40~15:00 Break in place

15:00~16:30 Scenario III “Highway One”
VC units are on a mission to expedite weapons grade Uranium to their secret hide out where Chinese and Russian scientists are secretly building more “dirty bomb”. VC units must brave Allied checkpoints and create a speed Ho Chi Min Trail between the jungle and the hills (it’s up to VC units to decide which end is their base camp). VC units must deliver at least four cases of material to be successful. TIME is of essence!