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OPNH 2012 General Story Line

OPNH 2012 …… Friend or Foe………

Deep in the jungles of Africa, a group of Russian drug cartel has been growing strong. Money made from drugs is used to fund the Cartel’s political struggle against the Russian Federation (so it seems). The most alarming intel revealed that the cartel may have nuclear capability while working along side an African warlord.

International Federation Army, IFA, is sending in Task Force Eagle, from the United States, to link up with Task Force Yuri, a Russian unit, in hope to gain the Cartel’s cooperation/trust and intercept the nuclear devise or components.

TF Eagle and TF Yuri will only receive orders from the White House and Kremlin respectively.

Intel indicates the Cartel may have had assistance from China via a Chinese Scientific Observation Team (CSOT).

This is a highly explosive situation; any mis-step could result in World War – III.

Troops, thread carefully………good luck!