Irene 2016 - Delta

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Irene 2016 - Delta

Post by WarDenAirsoft » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:08 pm

If you are a Squad Leader or team leader under MSG Mullen on Delta for Irene 2016 please email your contact info to Todd Dennison - so that we can get you accepted into the private planning group on Facebook. Email subject line should read "Irene-2016 / Delta"

Group name is "OLCMSS: Irene 2016 - Delta - Planning group"

We will get a roster spreadsheet along with pertinent information started as soon as we get contact info for each SL. If you are one of the team members and you happen to be the first to see this post, please notify your Squad Leader or Team Leader.

I look forward to running with you all in Detroit later this month!!

March or Die!

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