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Your uniform is a vital part of gameplay as it provides the quickest and easiest means of identifying which side a player is on. During gameplay, players are expected to wear the full uniform of their unit, consisting of pants and a top, in the camouflage pattern of their unit, and a head covering in the generic color scheme for their unit.

For safety reasons, no open toed shoes, sandals, or sneakers are allowed to be worn during gameplay. Boots only. In addition, players are prohibited from wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, or anything other than a full pair of pants during gameplay.

Players on Task Force Alpha are permitted the following camo options:
-Desert MARPAT
-US 3 Color Desert
-Desert DPM/Desert AUSCAM/Desert CADPAT
-Squads of 10 or more may email the Chief of Staff and request approval for their squad to wear a TAN BASED uniform.

Players on Bravo Company are permitted the following camo options:
-US Woodland
-Woodland MARPAT
-Multicam Tropic
-Green based Russian camo/DPM/CADPAT
-Squads of 10 or more players may email the Chief of Staff and request approval for their squad to wear a GREEN BASED uniform.

Please note that both the INSURGENCY and the LEGION are staff roles. Their uniforms will be easily identifiable from both TASK FORCE ALPHA and from BRAVO COMPANY, so it is vital that players wear the uniform of their unit to prevent confusion.

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