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Back Story

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It’s been one year since the United Nations, spearheaded by TASK FORCE ALPHA, attempted to stabilize the country of Zimbabwe. After an initial push by the Joint Special Operations Task Force, the United Nations rushed humanitarian aid, backed by conventional forces, into the country, trying to bring relief to the beleaguered people. Opportunistic faction leaders took advantage of the UN’s intercession, and used it to build resentment against the foreigners, all in an attempt to consolidate power for themselves. These faction leaders have taken a page out of the insurgent’s handbook, and are now running a guerilla campaign against the UN forces in country. Command Sergeant Major Mark Collazos and TASK FORCE ALPHA have once again been tasked with the dangerous work of going where other forces fear, and bringing justice to a lawless country.

But the United Nations have not been the only targets of the new insurgency. Before the country collapsed, the government sold mining rights to a consortium of companies that were hoping to strike it rich with the deposits of rare earth minerals believed to be under the surface of the ravaged country. Now that the government has been effectively dissolved, the leaders of the insurgency have declared all natural resources to belong to the people of Zimbabwe, and demanded that the mining companies turn over their land, equipment, and any stockpiles of material they have recovered. Attempting to placate the guerilla leadership, the United Nations has said that the mining consortium’s claim to the land left with the old government. While they haven’t yet specifically targeted the mines, they have indicated to the insurgent leaders that they might be willing to work with them.

This brings Master Sergeant “Mad Max” Mullen and his BRAVO COMPANY back into the fight. They successfully held off offensives from local factions and from TASK FORCE ALPHA last year, and they are poised to do it again. They’ve been paid to put down the insurgency, and any UN forces that get in their way, and they plan to do exactly that.

Meanwhile, a final group has emerged on the battlefield. Claiming that the old government is dissolved, and disavowing the terrorist ways of the new insurgency, this new military force simply calls themselves THE LEGION. They claim to represent a government-in-exile, a government that values individual freedom and prosperity over the old tribal ways. Made up of locals and foreigners alike, THE LEGION has moved with precision to dominate every engagement they have shown up in. They are a threat to the United Nation’s mission, to the interests of the mining consortium, and to the insurgency, and bear close watching…

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