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Planning to Bring a Combat Vehicle?




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Post Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:32 am

Planning to Bring a Combat Vehicle?

Anyone wishing to bring a combat vehicle must contact staff ASAP for approval. Here are some basic qualifications:

A. MUST have general military appearance (please e mail pic to bestofusamkt@sbcglobal.net for approval)
B. Driver MUST be over 21 of age (speeding on the AO will result in your removal from the event)
C. MUST be willing to carry combatants other than your "team mates"
D. MUST have sound/safe break system
E. MUST have a fire extinguisher on board

Have fun, be safe, and look forward to an awesome time!!

IN ADDITION... Your first step is to register as a player then submit the vehicle for approval. A full set of ROE are in development and will be strictly enforced.
Submissions must include the following:
1. Owner/driver's contact information
2. Which force the Owner/driver has registered under ALPHA or BRAVO
3. Pictures of the vehicle

All vehicles are subject to an inspection by the Airport FD and as such should be free of leaking fluids of ANY kind



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Re: Brining Combat Vehicles?

I have a guy that owns a APC. It can carry 12 troops and a up gunner. It has 2 fire extinguisher and a halo system in it too. It is street legal with rubber pads for the tracks. The guy drives it in parades and things like that. If you can get back to me as soon as you can. From the Disposable Heroes.

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