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Results for Lion Claws 2017

Results from Lion Claws 16:

On Saturday, Black Widow and Red Scorpion allied early and successfully raided SOCOM HQ/zone, taking their gold and retrieving the nuclear waste buckets. Towards the end of Saturday, Black Widow broke the alliance and kept all their acquired gold and nuclear waste buckets. To get back at Black Widow on Sunday, Red Scorpion made an alliance with SOCOM. In this alliance, Red Scorpion went after Black Widow’s HQ, destroying their gold and nuclear waste containers. With Black Widow preoccupied at their HQ, SOCOM was free to find Gunther Akbar and escort him to their LZ for extraction.

Scenario Results:

Saturday morning:
Red Scorpion took an early lead in the conquest scenario but was quickly stopped and reversed by SOCOM which then proceeded to drive south towards their final objective. The final objective was not reached before the end of the morning evolution but the drive deep into the south earned them substantial points for the morning. Black Widow was successful in protecting their Eastern weapons stockpile. Black widow was also quite successful in raiding enemy gold vaults.
Verdict for the Saturday morning evolution: Virtual tie between SOCOM and Black Widow.

Saturday afternoon:
SOCOM completed the conquest scenario by reaching their objective at Montana Street. Red Scorpion initially captured the pilot before being overrun and losing custody of him to Black Widow. Black Widow successfully escorted the pilot to the ejection seat, opened the biometric safe, extracted the intelligence and then moved the pilot to an execution site and carried out the execution a few minutes before ENDEX. Black widow successfully executed raids on five of six nuclear waste sites and secured the nuclear waste.
Verdict for Saturday afternoon: Victory for Black Widow.

Sunday morning:
SOCOM successfully tracked the transmission of the rebel leader, raided his headquarters and took him into custody. SOCOM then moved the rebel leader on foot to their landing zone and a evacuated him via helicopter. SOCOM also located the Golden Gun. Red Scorpion successfully raided Black Widow headquarters and located the nuclear waste taken the previous day. Red Scorpion confiscated the nuclear waste and destroyed it preventing Black Widow from destroying SOCOM/Black Widow embassies and headquarters. Red Scorpion successfully located, secured and moved on foot a plutonium core from a crashed satellite from black with the territory to their landing zone.
Verdict for Sunday morning: SOCOM victory with Red Scorpion closely behind.

Verdict for Lion Claws 16: Victory to Black Widow with SOCOM a very close second.
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