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Operation IRENE Registration Information

This page displays the registration information for this project.

Application Fee:

  • $265 New Player admission, you MUST have an alumni to vouch for you! You MUST put the vouching alumni's name in the Comments section below. New Player registrations without vouching alumni will have their registrations refunded and deleted within 24 hours.
  • $225 Alumni of past OLCMSS series three-day Ops such as Lion Claws, Irene, Red Storm, Devil Dog, X, Lightning Strike, Bull Dog, etc. If you are vouching for a New Player please enter that New Player's name in the Comments section below.

Alumni please enter the previous 3 day event you attended in the Comments field below including the year!

Ensure you select the appropriate Application Type during the application process to get the proper fee!

Full payment is required at the time of application. In short, until your payment is in, your NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST. This is to avoid deadbeats holding up space for no reason.

Last day for D.O.R. (Drop On Request) is August 15, 2019. No refund after August 15, 2019! LE, Military, Firefighters are exempt with valid proof of duty. $40 processing fee is applicable to any registration changes (DOR, substitute, etc.).

Ages 18+ only.

Absolutely no firearms or other weapons allowed at this facility. Guardian Center reserves the right to search your belongings for any prohibited items.

Application fee covers:
  • War-game simulations: Night Op Sep 20th, full day on Sep. 21st and a half day on Sep. 22nd, 2019
  • Photo op/autograph with event VIP(s)
  • Event commemorative swag
  • Door prize ticket for Sunday raffle
  • Experience MOUT like you never have!

All applications are subject to review and screening. We reserve the right to REJECT any application from anyone deemed unfit to be a part of this event.

Only participants are allowed at the AO, enforced by game staff. No family members loitering at the location.

Uniform Requirements:

  • Somalia
  • Somali Fighters: Rag-tag civilian look (NO PMC look)
  • Somali National Army: BDU

  • Task Force Ranger
  • DCU (3 color desert)

No Exceptions, please do not ask.

This event is an ECO friendly/biodegradable BB's and low/mid cap magazine only event.
No Exceptions, please do not ask.

Please complete all required fields before submitting.

*First Name:  
*Last Name:  
*Date Of Birth:  
    Important, must match DOB on your official ID or you will not be allowed into the AO
    Critical! Player kit sent via e-mail only. You must use a valid, functioning email address or your registration is void (your e-mail is for the use of OLCMSS only and will not be given to any other businesses).
*State of Residence:  
*OLCMSS Alumni Status:  
    New Players, please enter the vouching Alumni player's name in the Comments below such as **Vouching player: John Smith**.
Alumni, if vouching for a new player please enter the New Player's name in the comments below such as **Vouching for: John Smith**.

Select Your background:
Law Enforcement Military Civilian Tactical Team Other

*Select Unit by clicking on the radio button below. Be sure you are aware of the Uniform Requirements of the Unit you choose.

Somali Fighters     Task Force Ranger     

Team Affiliation:

You MUST be able to function OUTSIDE your 'team' if need be; if for any reason you are unable to function as a military combatant in a MilSim environment OUTSIDE of your team, please do not register.

Leadership Role Request

OLCMSS series events are Mil-Sim with a military style command structure. By requesting to be a leader, i.e., Squad Leader, you hereby agree to take on responsibilities for a 8-10 trooper squad. As a Squad Leader, YOU , not the Safety Officers, but YOU , are responsible for the safety and conduct of those under your command. YOU will be responsible for Squad Chrono. YOU will be responsible to maintain DISCIPLINE, HONOR and UNITY in your squad. YOU must maintain unit communication with other squads and follow orders given by your commanding officers. There are no bad troopers, only bad leaders!

If you are still interested in undertaking this position, please kindly e-mail me a brief self intro. I sincerely appreciate your effort!

If you are alumni of our previous Events we thank you for your support. We would also respectfully ask that you make the effort to guide those who are less experienced and share your expertise with them during the Event.

Team Member Release

This form MUST be signed and returned at time of member registration (via "AGREE" links below).

Photo Release

We occasionally use photos of our team members in promotional material. By attending, you agree to allow us the use of your likeness, name, voice, photograph, signature, logo or trademark in such material. You are entering this event with the full knowledge of having your event activities documented by visual media and that you give the event management and production crew permission to use your image and likeness in a video/DVD documentary.


Team member assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify and defend Best of USA Marketing, Guardian Center, Perry, GA, project advertisers, project VIP, project attendees, project venue management and ownership, and their respective employees and agents against any claims or expenses arising out of the use of the project premises.

While security personnel may be available generally for the purpose of safeguarding the general public at the Project, the team member is solely responsible for the safekeeping of his/her own property while taking part in this project. In addition, the team member attends this project with the full knowledge that Airsoft prop weapons may cause bodily harm, serious injuries, loss of limbs and death. The team member therefore assumes the responsibility to indemnify, defend and hold Best of USA Marketing, Guardian Center, Perry, GA, project advertisers, project VIPs, project attendees and employees, harmless from any liability, claims, court actions or causes of action for personal injury or property damage which the team member may suffer while participating in this project.

Team members with pre-existing medical conditions are required to specify the condition in the application form notes section. Team members with prior heart problems, asthma, and/or any other medical conditions that would prevent the team member from strenuous activities should not take part in this event.

All team members are expected to and shall conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Any team member who, in the opinion of Best of USA Marketing, Guardian Center, Perry, GA, fails to conduct themselves in such a manner may be asked to leave the project location at any time without any financial reimbursement, in whole or in part. Without limiting the generality of the above, the possession of any firearm or weapon at the Project without prior written permission of Best of USA Marketing shall result in immediate expulsion. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are also prohibited. Possession of illegal drugs by any team member shall result in immediate expulsion. In order to uphold these provisions, the team member agrees to permit reasonable inspection of their wares by a duly authorized agent of Best of USA Marketing, Guardian Center, Perry, GA. The team member indemnifies and holds Best of USA Marketing, Guardian Center, Perry, GA, project advertisers, project VIPs, project attendees and staff harmless for any losses caused by a breach of these conditions.

You acknowledge the uniform requirement of the unit you choose to be in and to abide by the base and event specific rules.

By clicking the "I AGREE" link below, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions.

Registration opens soon.