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Devil Dog Winter Offensive poster
Operation Devil Dog Winter Offensive, February 9-11, 2018

For the first time in Airsoft milsim The United States Marine Corps training unit is working alongside Airsoft scenario designers to produce an unique program that is a combination of USMC training with added Airsoft action (less hurry up and wait).

Dual MOUT towns with one km (.62 miles) of terrain and a hill between K2 and M25. Coalition forces will occupy K2 and be divided into various sectors base on each force's National Origin. Insurgency will occupy M25. Who will dominate the terrain?

YOUR MISSION will be based on both MISSION and TIME. Deuce-and-a-half trucks will simulate "airborne" operations and may drop troops in certain "LZ". Qualified (4x4) combat vehicles may act as "Little Bird" via certain "airway".


Registration is open.